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Museum Gallery Scale Aircraft Display and Full Size Aircraft

The Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum has one of a kind scale aircraft displayed in the museum gallery handcrafted by Joe and Glenn Grube and painted by Charles Abbott. These skilled craftsmen fabricated the classic aircraft in their shop called the "Possum Works" in Columbus Indiana.

Grubes__Abbott.jpg (32155 bytes)

Glenn, Charles and Joe

Thousands of hours of work and meticulous attention to detail is invested in these one of a kind 1/8th scale aircraft. Each aircraft represents a period of time at the former air base or an aircraft flown by one of the museum volunteer staff. The 1/4th scale Wright Flyer was constructed to represent the beginning of powered aviation and is displayed in the museum lobby.

This C-45-H Expeditor #52-10571A was being built by Joe Grube but he passed away before it was completed so Charles Abbott completed the project in time for the March 2010 opening of the museum after the annual two month winter shut down.

A C-45 Expeditor 1/8  scale model aircraft is now on display at the museum bringing the fleet of one of a kind large scale aircraft currently on display to 12. Some of these hand crafted models have wing spans up to 15-feet.

This scale model aircraft represents the one in the 7 September 1958 crash where four lives were lost. The aircraft stationed at Bakalar Air Force Base was assigned to CONAC 10th AF 2466th ARFC. The Bakalar pilots were, Major George A. Smith and Captain Edward E. Holtkamp, both of Columbus Indiana. Also CAP (Civil Air Patrol) members from West Virginia were lost in the crash 30-miles southeast of Charleston, West Virginia. Mr. and Mrs. William Hamilton of Huntington, West Virginia were on board at the time of the crash.

According to former Bakalar AFB Commander, Major General John Hoff (Ret.) ROTC personnel also flew the Bakalar C-45's to maintain their flying hours. There were two C-45 aircraft assigned to the air base according to former base staff. During the 1950's, 900 C-45's were rebuilt for the Air Force, received new serial numbers and were designated C-45G's and C-45H's. The C-45's were used for administrative and light cargo duties.  This is the military version of the Beechcraft Model 18. They had two Pratt & Whitney R-985, 450 hp engines with a cruising speed of 150 mph. 

Museum_Wright_Flyer.jpg (20236 bytes)B24_scale_aircraft.jpg (23843 bytes)CG4A_photo_museum.jpg (50828 bytes)P-51_Nov_2001_1.jpg (24223 bytes)P-47_Nov._2001.jpg (12686 bytes)

Wright Flyer, B-24J Liberator Bomber, CG-4A Glider, L-4 Grasshopper, P-51D Mustang Fighter and P-47D Thunderbolt Fighter

Tuskegee Airman Walter Palmer standing next to his P-51 Duchess. The museum's 1/8 scale P-51D Mustang Fighter is built to represent the one Walter flew during WWII. Tuskegee Airman Louis Hill and his crew stand in front of his B-25 that is represented by the 1/8 scale B-25 on display in the museum.

Joe and Glenn Grube, Tuskegee Airman Louis Hill and Charles Abbott at the museum. Louis was stationed at the former base and a large scale model of his B-25 Bomber built by Joe, Glenn and Charles is on gallery display.

B25_photo.jpg (17887 bytes)B-17G_Scale_Aircraft.jpg (15675 bytes)C119G_photo.jpg (19188 bytes)C47.jpg (26398 bytes)C46_photo.jpg (15615 bytes)

B-25 Mitchell Bomber, B-17G Flying Fortress Bomber, C-119G Flying Boxcar Transport, C-47 Gooney Bird Transport and C-46 Commando Transport

Bakalar_Green_F4_and_Tower.jpg (42203 bytes)F4_and_Tower_March_2001.jpg (25393 bytes)

A full size McDonnell Douglas F-4C Phantom II Jet Fighter on permanent display by the control tower on Bakalar Green.

Some of the display scale aircraft have wingspans up to 15-feet. These are not the run of the mill model aircraft, but are to scale replicas with amazing detail to aircraft type, paint schemes, lettering and numbering to squadron and group.  Without a doubt, one of the best collections of this type in the United States.


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