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Military Aircraft Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck Flew as a WASP during WWII

Aircraft types flown PT-19A, PT-17A, BT-13, AT-6 and AT-10

Jeanne standing next to a Stearman in 1943 and by an AT-6 in 1944.

Jeanne sitting on the wing of an AT-6 at Avenger Field Sweetwater Texas with two other WASP during her training in 1944.

Jeanne at Avenger Field 1944 leaning on wing of AT-6.

Jeanne in the cockpit of an AT-6 during 1944.

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Boeing-Stearman PT-17A  (220 hp) same as the PT-13D pictured above except the PT-17 had a Continental engine. The PT-13 had a Lycoming engine.

Fairchild PT-19 (175 hp)

Vultee BT-13 (450 hp)

North American AT-6 (600 hp)

Beachcraft AT-10 twin engine advanced trainer (Two engines 295 hp each).

Photographs made available by the Lewellen family and the USAF Museum

The Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum has authorization to use the aircraft photographs from the Wright Patterson Air Force Base USAF Museum web site.

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