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 This is a list of items needed (wished for) for the Atterbury-Bakalar Air Museum's restoration projects and future exhibits. Our wish list for donations.

The museum is grateful to the people who donate artifacts for historical research or display. Without these donations it would be almost impossible for us to expand our displays and have rare artifacts for historical research.

71st Special Operations Squadron Association donates AC-119G gunship print to the museum.


This USAF officers dress uniform was recently donated to the museum along with his medals by Colonel (Ret.) Bill Murchie, a former 434th officer stationed at the base during part of his career. Colonel Murchie also donated his flight jacket. Pictured on the right is Colonel Murchie with Major General John Hoff at Colonel Murchie's retirement in 1974 at Grissom Air Force Base. Thanks to Colonel Murchie and many others who make donations, we are able to display these artifacts in our museum.

Our Wish List

Our number one item on the museum's wish list is funding for the museum expansion through donations, grants and bequests.

Need parts for our T-74/CRT-3 Gibson Girl Transmitter made in Kokomo, Indiana by Kingston Products Corp.

Hand Crank GC-18-A to operate internal generator

Kite M-277-A folding medal frame box kit to raise the antenna in wind.

Balloon M-278-A

Generator M-351-A produces hydrogen to inflate balloon to 4 ft. diameter

Signal Lamp M-308-A to communicate locally with rescue crews

Parachute M-390--A

Bag BG-109-A Cylinder bag containing Kite assembly, 2 balloons, 2 hydrogen generator

Bag BG-110A cube shape bag containing Gibson Girl radio and crank with parachute

Early WWII era Army motorcycle such as this one at the Atterbury Army Air Field

CG4A Publication 50-17 Pilot Training Manual for the CG-4A Glider (original)

CG4A Publication 09-40CA-4 Parts Catalog (original)

CG4A Publication 09-40CA-C Structural Repair Instructions (original)

CG4A Publication 09-40CA2 Erection and Maintenance Instruction (original)

Removable seats for the CG-4A glider

Flare gun port for CG-4A WACO Glider

CG-4A Interphone System

CG-4A Placard Unloading stock # S29483

CG-4A Placard Minimum Flight 29425-1 U.S. Army O1-G

CG4-A Wing Tail Light Switch & Assembly

CG4-A Compass Card

CG4-A Locking Device Aileron Part # S29

Elevator and Rudder Locking Device Part # S-29249

CG4-A Radio Transmitter & Receiver BC721 G.F.E. (Government Furnished Equipment)

CG4-A Mounting Base (Radio) G.F.E. Signal Corps

CG4-A Radio Control Box BC-722 Signal Corps item

CG4-A Placard Radio Control Box 29440

CG4-A Plate Navigation Light Part # 26290

CG4-A Switch B-9A Part # S-94-32265A

CG4-A Ventura Part #94-27774 Type B-Y G.F.E. (Ventura for CG-4A Glider)

CG4-A Belt-Safety, Pilots Part #34 G1646 Type B-11 G.F.E.

WWII Glider training photographs from Atterbury Army Air Field

W.W.II Glider patches

Items from the "Home Front" during WWII such as items manufactured by local industry for the "War Effort", bond drive signs, programs from USO shows and events, ration books and coupons, gas ration stickers, war effort posters, photos of local war effort activities, and items of interest of that era.

Bldg_T89_Control_Tower_inside.jpg (26294 bytes)

1940's, 50's, & 60's Control Tower equipment, documents, photographs, movies and related items

Original base landowners government land purchase documents and artifacts. Photographs of original landowners, their homes, and events because of the government ordered relocation

Bldg_134_Supplu__Issue_AIE_inside.jpg (22096 bytes)

Military pot belly stoves from the air base like the ones pictured in the former air base photos

Photographs, documents and memorabilia of former base commanders

Pre 1970 434th memorabilia

Pre 1970 2466th memorabilia

Capt._Stratton_Hammon__Mrs._Allred_Nov._1942.jpg (94522 bytes)




Office furniture and office equipment from the air base from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's.

Photos or memorabilia of the 397th Bombardment Group at Atterbury Army Air Field

Oxygen Masks Type A-14

Strobe lights such as the type used in Vietnam to mark for the Gunships fire area by ground troops

Any vehicle, aircraft or equipment log books from the air base

Artifacts from L-4, L-5, C-119, B-25, C-46, C-47, C-45, AC-119, and CG-4-A's

Photographs of Annual Training and TDY Aircraft from the former air base

Bakalar_AFB_Tent_City_SSG_C._E._Kuehling.jpg (23106 bytes)

Air Base "Tent City" photographs

Photographs and artifacts of the air transport/ground transport of military patients to Atterbury Army Air Base and Wakeman Army Hospital

Bldg_131_Club_N.C.O._inside.jpg (31773 bytes)

O-Club and NCO Club photographs and artifacts

1940's, 1950's and 1960's era calendars from Columbus, IN, the former air base, or featuring products such as Pepsi, Coke, Beer, Automobiles and similar era calendars.

WWII Era backpack parachutes and harnesses

Flight gloves WWII, Korea and Vietnam styles

Flying Goggles AN-6530

Patches: Army Air Forces and U.S. Air Force, and similar military patches 1942-1970 era.

Norden Bomb Sight

Artifacts from the Air Base Front Gate House

Link Trainer WWII

Synthetic Trainer, C119

Vietnam era flight suits, helmets and uniforms

AC119 Gunship photographs firing at Puff Lake, Camp Atterbury

AC 119 Gunship photographs in action over Vietnam




B-25 Tuskegee Airmen training photographs, movies, documents, artifacts and memorabilia from Atterbury Army Air Field

Photographs, documents, equipment and artifacts from Bakalar Air Force Base

L-5_Atterbury_Army_Air_Field_1945.jpg (36669 bytes)L4B_Aircraft_circa_WWII.jpg (13239 bytes)

Photographs of L4 & L5 Aircraft  at Atterbury Army Air Field

WWII, Korean War and Vietnam War era ribbons and medals posters

Any home movies of the base activities

WWII_Atterbury_Army_Air_Field_Post_Card.jpg (62063 bytes)WWII_Atterbury_Army_Air_Field_Post_Card_back.jpg (34395 bytes)

WWII Post Cards and stationary (particularly ones from the former base)

Officers and enlisted service caps khaki and olive drab

Women's uniforms and accessories and memorabilia  WASP

WWII era American Red Cross uniforms and artifacts

Leather jackets A-2's and G-1's

Hand painted leather patches WWII-Vietnam

Silver wings WWII

WWII and pilot wings

Posters: WWII, Early Cold War, all types including recruiting, morale building and similar themes

C-46, C-119, B-25, C-47, C-45 Aluminum propeller blades, gears and hubs

WWII & Korean War era Military Jeeps such as WWII Military Jeep Willys MB or Slat Grill type from 1941 through 1946 Ford GP or GPW Jeep from 1941 through 1946 model. Jeep photos were taken in the fall of 1942 during base construction and during 1951 for the "Follow-me" jeep on the ramp.

Military Books, Army Air Corps & Air Force Field Manuals, Technical Manuals circa 1940-1970, and most any publications for Military History research.

If you can help us find these items for donation to the museum please let us know. 

The museum is grateful to the people who donate artifacts for historical research or display. Without these donations it would be almost impossible for us to expand our displays and have rare artifacts for historical research.

Some examples of how we receive our artifact and other donations. Scroll down to our wish list.


Stephen and Susanne Baranyk of Carmel, Indiana donate "The Target for Today: Wiener Neustadt" to the museum library. Susanne's stepfather, Raphael "Ray" George of Indianapolis was a WWII radio operator/gunner during missions is featured in the book with his interesting story of survival as a POW and his long term recovery from injuries at Wakeman Army Hospital at Camp Atterbury. Gordon Lake accepts this gift on behalf of the museum volunteer.



Carol Anne McDougal, daughter of Captain (Dr.) Richard Schantz, donated this WWII Camp Atterbury identification plate he had for his car while recuperating at Wakeman Army Hospital. The family of Dr. Sahantz lived near Camp Atterbury during this time. The 1943 photo on the left is of Captain Schantz with the 64th Medical Regiment, Camp Bowie, Brownsville, Texas. Many patients were flown to Atterbury Army Air Field during WWI and the Korean War to be transported the short distance to Wakeman Hospital at Camp Atterbury.



Melinda Filer Easley and Pamela Thomas, family of David E. Filer a World War II Glider Pilot donated his military artifacts to the museum. The museum is pleased to have received Glider Pilot uniforms, patches, ribbons, photographs and personal documents. Without the help of contributors like Melinda and Pamela, much history would be lost forever. Pictured here is David E Filer and a CG4A Glider during World War II.



Alberta_Abraham_July_31_1962.jpg (117996 bytes) The museum is grateful to the family of Miss Alberta Abraham for the donation of her original photographs and documents from the former air base where Miss Abraham served as the base commander secretary from 1949 till base closing. Her career spanned nearly 28 years of secretarial work at military installations in Columbus, Seymour, Louisville and Indianapolis. She remained at Atterbury Air Base renamed Bakalar Air Force Base till March 1, 1970 at which time the base went into caretaker status prior to becoming Columbus Municipal Airport.



As an example of how the museum receives artifacts, Glen Russo of Clifton, New Jersey donated rare CG4A Glider parts to the museum, Glen gave us glider bench seats, seat backs, escape hatch and jump seat. These items were found in the attic of a farm house in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. These glider bench seats are used in the William "Bruce" Dalton Media Center as part of the guest seating.



Museum_artifact_field_condition_indicator.jpg (36326 bytes)

 Kevin Silva of Indianapolis donated the Field Condition Light which was an original piece of equipment from the former base. Only by the help of people like Glen Russo, Kevin Silva, The Abraham Family, David E. Filer family, Carol Ann McDougal and many others, can we expand and update our museum displays.




Robert Tate, a former Master Sergeant and First Sergeant of the 71st Troop Carrier Squadron/Tactical Squadron from July 1955 to July 1968, donated a number of original photographs and documents to the museum of 434th Troop Carrier Squadron's history.

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