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Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck and her Family

Jeanne Lewellen as high school May Queen 1929 and photo about 1930.

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A college photo and family photo with Jeanne, her brother, Emmons, her mother, Mayme and her sister Frances, summer 1933.

Jeanne and Frances in Irwin Gardens Columbus, Indiana 1938 and Jeanne shipboard heading to Hawaii in 1938.

Frances, Emmons and Jeanne Lewellen in 1940.

JLN_Summer_1940_Play_Ship_Photo.jpg (136865 bytes)

Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck's family members in this photograph of a play ship taken by Emmons Lewellen the summer of 1940 at his Columbus, Indiana home just before Jeanne returned to Hawaii to marry Edward Norbeck in September 1940. First row is Jeanne Lewellen, Mabel Lewellen and Darcy Lewellen, Jeanne's father. In the second row is Frances Lewellen, Frances Simmons and Margaret Simmons, Jeanne's sister. Rod Lewellen is standing at the wheel.

Jeanne and Edward Norbeck wedding picture, married September 1940 in Hawaii. Their home was just seven miles from Pearl Harbor and they were home on December 7, 1941. Edward Norbeck survived the war and remarried.

Jeanne and her father, Darcy Lewellen at his home in Columbus, Indiana 1940. Jeanne in her WASP uniform at her father's home in May 1944.

Jeanne at home with her brother Emmons Lewellen, a week before her death in the BT-13 crash near Sumter, South Carolina, Monday, October 16, 1944. She had hitched a ride from Shaw Field to Atterbury Army Air Field on Saturday October 7, 1944 to visit her family. She flew back to Shaw Field Sunday afternoon October 8, 1944. Jeanne is buried in Garland Brook Cemetery in Columbus, Indiana.

The Log 1929 Columbus Central High School Yearbook with photos of Jeanne Lewellen as a High School Senior.

Norbeck_The_Log_1929.jpg (60857 bytes)Norbeck_1929_Log_Class_Photo.jpg (123005 bytes)

Jeanne was Editor in Chief of the 1929 Log yearbook. Jeanne in the senior portion of the yearbook.

Norbeck_1929_Log_Honor_Society.jpg (116121 bytes)Norbeck_1929_Log_Science_Club.jpg (125860 bytes)

Jeanne Lewellen in the Honor Society page second row second from the left and in the Science Club photo second row third from the right.

Norbeck_1929_Log_Sorosis.jpg (124430 bytes)Norbeck_1929_Log_Staff.jpg (125210 bytes)

Jeanne Lewellen in the Sorosis girls' debating society top row second from the right and in The Log Staff photo top row second from the left.

Norbeck_Republic_Story_Sept._26_1993.jpg (172286 bytes)

A September 26, 1993 article from The Republic Newspaper

A special thank you to the Lewellen family and particularly Rod Lewellen for many of the photographs and documents of Jeanne Lewellen Norbeck.


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